More than 25 years on guard of your comfort

Variator is a trading and manufacturing corporation with 25 years of business experience.

The company operates on the Ukrainian and foreign markets for consumer goods and has a number of commercial projects in various industries.
Wide export & import geography
Dozens of partner
retail chains
25 years of work with clients
Enermous range of products
Variator today is...
The company's management ensures equal, mutually beneficial relations with partners. We rely on the potential of partnership, and solve the problems relevant to the market together.

Cooperation with Variator

"Variator" will consider proposals for any type of cooperation, providing benefits both for us and for the partner company.

Main partnership areas

Variator owns several trademarks known throughout Ukraine and beyond its borders.

Our contacts

On the Contacts page you will be able to find phone number or email address of any Variator department, or even of particular employee.
Variator is developing rapidly and inexorably, and interesting events constantly occur in the life of the company, which you can learn about in the company news section.
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