About the company
«Variator» is a Ukrainian trade company, a major trader of the Ukrainian food market.
The company's history is more than 25 years long. For all this time «Variator» focuses on increasing its revenues, as well as its B2B and B2C partners' revenues.
The history of "Variator" is the history of the constant search for new products that most accurately meet the needs of both consumers and those who ensure the optimal path of goods from the producer to the consumer.
Our first steps
Stage of maturity
Who we are now
"Variator" began as a company specializing in the wholesale trade of imported goods in Ukraine, mainly food products and goods of daily demand.
Later, with the strengthening of Ukrainian manufacturers, "Variator" mastered the market of domestic goods. The product line was growing rapidly.
Next, "Variator" offered consumers goods under its own trademarks. The company acted as a developer and manufacturer of innovative products for its partners and consumers.
Our task is the production of traditional and innovative goods for tasty and healthy nutrition.
Our mission is to open the world of healthy and balanced nutrition to people
Also, our goal is to make the process of preparing dishes convenient and interesting for each of our consumers
«‎Variator» today
The task of the current stage of development of "Variator" is to enter foreign markets with appropriate adaptation of products to the tastes and preferences of the foreign consumers. The wholesale and distribution divisions of the company are in a state of constant transformation and adaptation to modern realities.

In addition to our work achievements, we are proud to be sponsors of children's teams and competitions, as well as to help the doctors in the fight against COVID-19.
"Variator" delivers raw materials to Ukraine from almost all regions of the world: India, China, Europe, Asia, South America, etc. Exports are concentrated on the countries of the former USSR, as well as the USA.
More than 30
partner trade
Our main partners are the chains "Auchan", "Metro", "Silpo", "Fora", "Foodcom", "Tavria", "Kopiyka", "Novus", "Klass", "ROST", "Vostorg", "Chudo-Market".
More than 25 years of
work experience
with clients
"Variator" realizes that it can earn its money only if its partners do the same, and consumers receive a modern, high-quality product.
"Variator" is a pioneer in the development of the following product groups: convenient and quick meals, baking mixtures, products for proper nutrition, flour of various types, super-foods and premium products.
News of «‎Variator»
The Variator company constantly offers new developments to the market, not being afraid to break established canons. By studying various consumption situations, we offer the most convenient products. In the "News" section, you can follow what's exciting with us and be informed in advance of each of our new products, events or special dates!
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